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The Wines produced in the north of Portugal

Fernando Peneiras CC BY-NC-ND - Some rights reserved

The north of Portugal is a privileged wine-growing region. Wine-lovers will certainly feel at home exploring the options this part of the country has to offer.
The north has several regions, and therefore a wide range of wines can be found. For example, if you visit Douro, you can try the renowned Port, bursting with unique features. Whether due to its smell and taste, or its high alcohol content, this drink is quite exceptional and particularly popular all around the world.

Port is a unique and very special wine. As the wine ages, its characteristics become more intense, however, there are differences that should be pointed out when discussing Port: the different kinds (red, white, rosé – which is particularly popular with the ladies), and the variety of styles (according to their age and level of sweetness), which classify the different Ports produced in the Douro region. 

The Douro region also produces other unique wines, such as Douro Muscatel or Douro Sparkling Wines. However, these aren’t the only specialities the north of the country has to offer.

The “Vinho Verde” (“Green Wine”) and the DOC Távora-Varosa are also highly appreciated abroad. The former, produced in the northwest, is light and naturally fresh, and goes extremely well with fish or seafood. The latter, produced in the foothills of Nave Mountains, between the Paiva and Távora Rivers to the north of Beiras region, has a unique flavor and composition.

The months of September and October are highlights in the wine calendar for the north of the country due to the opportunity for wine-lovers to witness the birth of these fine wines. Douro opens its doors to Port enthusiasts, with many small vineyards (quintas) taking part in this tradition.

However, the adventures you can enjoy exploring the complexities and nuances of these wines go beyond visits to small vineyards producing the different varieties. Itineraries offer the chance to visit the region’s leading producers and restaurants, where the local cuisine blends with the finest wines to turn lunch and dinner into memorable feasts.

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