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Porto and Northern Portugal, the right choice for your event

CC BY-NC-ND Alfandega Congress Centre

In Porto and Northern Portugal, you will find the ideal settings for hosting your event. The best venues and scenery in the region, combined with a quality and strict professional service with the support of the Porto Convention Bureau, will transform your event into a memorable moment.

A combination of various factors works towards us being the best option for your event. 

First, our venues are unique, in that they combine both the modern and traditional parts of the city and historical region and are fitted with the equipment and facilities you desire.

Second, services are prepared and organised by highly experienced professionals to support your event. 

When choosing the venue, there is plenty to Choose from: an ancient castle, a luxury mansion, or a more sophisticated hotel, in an urban, mountain, sea or river setting. Modern, classical, traditional, sophisticated. Porto and Northern Portugal offers a range of different style hotels to attract a broad audience and adapt to the different kinds of events.

To host an event in Porto and Northern Portugal will also allow you to experience the richness of the region: an unique cuisine, high-quality wines, renowned abroad; impressive landscapes, stretching from the magnificent coastal beaches to the mountains of Minho and Trás-os-Montes, across the Douro wine valley banks; 4 preserved world heritage sites; and also the genuine hospitality of those who love to share their traditions with a big smile.

To choose Porto and Northern Portugal means to allow your guest to take part in a memorable event. We believe we have the right destination for your event.

Contact us and we will help you with the arrangements.

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