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British Airways Beijing in the region!



Ms. Wang Xueyuan and Mr. Rao Tian are Marketing Managers at British Airways in charge of the Greater China and Philippines region and they have come to Porto for one reason – to expand this market’s knowledge about the region and promote it as a traditional, classic yet modern and appealing touristic destination…. which is just located at a short flight under 2 hours from London Heathrow, British Airways’ hub.


During this trip, the chinese delegation had an intensive stroll around Porto, covering some of the finest touristic landmarks, such as Lello Bookshop, Palácio da Bolsa, or Avenida dos Aliados, as well as networking meeting with some of the most important Destination Management Companies (DMC’s) of the region. Later, in Douro, the oldest demarcated wine region where Porto wines and Douro wines are produced they had the Time to explore all its secrets and pleasures.

The increasing flight connections from Porto with reference airlines along with the unstoppable rise of the Chinese travellers will definitely bring upcoming opportunities in the region during the next few years.