It was, in 1756, the first demarcated and regulated wine region in the world. The wild slopes of the valley transformed themselves, through the work of generations, in terraces to plant the vines that produce the famous Port, excellent DOC Douro wine, sparkling wine and Muscat.

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World Heritage

This impressive landscape was considered World Heritage by the UNESCO in 2001, as a living evolving cultural landscape the Douro Valley.

In the Valley of the river Douro and its tributaries, the harmonious interaction between Man and Nature coexists with another, possibly more natural or derelict - the one of the National Parks of Douro International, of Alvão or, yet even further, the Geopark of Arouca.

The River Douro flows from the Spanish border to the east of Porto and, depending on the time of the year, its slopes may be decorated with Almond trees and Cherry blossom or with the harvest labor.


Human work in perfect balance with Nature

Visit the Douro Museum in Régua, the Casa de Mateus Foundation in Vila Real and the many quintas that produce Port Wine and Douro Wine. Know the Douro Internacional Natural Park and the Alvão Natural Park. Located in the Upper Douro, Vila Nova de Foz Côa saw its name cross borders due to the discovery of its Paleolithic open air Rock Art. Considered World Heritage by the UNESCO, it is one of the biggest archeological centres of Rock Art.

Get into the spirit of a valley unique in the World

Try the traditional recipes accompanied by the highly respected Wines, in quintas or in the excellent local restaurants. Participate in the harvest, treading and other popular events. Board on a cruise or travel by train to enjoy a unique landscape or, if you are looking for radical activities, there is a variety of water sports you can practise.

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The Rock Art of Côa Valley and the Archeological Park, the Douro Internacional Natural Park and the Alvão Naturral Park, the Douro Valley, the Douro Museum, the Côa Museum, Monuments, the harvest, gastronomy and wine, the Douro cruises, the Casa de Mateus Foundation, the Monastery of Salzedas and the Shrine of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios.

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