Three days of water adventures in the north

With a mild climate and 3,000 hours of sunshine per year, Porto is a preferred destination for those who love nature, outdoor activities and water sports.

Associação de Turismo do Porto, A.R. CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

Associação de Turismo do Porto, A.R. CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

Associação de Turismo do Porto, A.R. CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

Associação de Turismo do Porto, A.R. CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

Associação de Turismo do Porto, A.R. CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

Associação de Turismo do Porto, A.R. CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

Associação de Turismo do Porto, A.R. CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

Associação de Turismo do Porto, A.R. CC BY-NC-ND 3.0


The northern region of the country has more than 100 Km of fantastic beaches bathed by the Atlantic Ocean waiting for you and beautiful river beaches worth exploring. Plan an invigorating and absolutely relaxing weekend.

Why go

  • Sports
  • Well-being
  • Natural landscape
  • Gastronomy and wines

In addition to the excellent conditions for sports activities, surrounded by breathtaking sceneries, the North of Portugal will surprise you with its unique cultural heritage and the sensitive balance between tradition and modernity.

The quality offers you will find in the region will be complemented by gastronomy, good wines and great hospitality.

First-class waves

Take a day off in Porto and explore the famous waves at Internacional beach and in Espinho.

The first one, an urban beach near the City Park, is a lively place day and night, preferred by a younger crowd or even older folks! to learn how to surf. Several schools operate in this area, served by the Edifício Transparente.

In Espinho, one of the mythical waves of the north of Portugal is the Direita do Casino a multisection barrel hitting the shore right on the beach, near the fishermens village. But there are more waves for the taking.

Both beaches are found in areas of fish and seafood restaurants. Explore the Mediterranean flavours. Have lunch at the Quarenta e4, an old warehouse transformed into a restaurant that serves, among other specialties, clams Bolhão Pato, lobster rice, grilled octopus and oven-roasted codfish.

What to do

  • If youre travelling as a family, take the children to Sea Life in Porto so they can meet the wonders of the marine world

If youre an early bird, you will have time to stroll downtown or take one of the tours organised by B'Sport starting off from Freixo Marina. The tour Historical Porto by Yacht (2 hours), for example, will take you to Ribeira do Porto with optional visits to the Port wine cellars , to Foz do Douro and the beaches of Porto and Gaia.

Stay in one of the hotel units dedicated to lovers and surf fans, cosy and boasting a design inspired on the main city sights. At many spots in the city you can arrange for surf and kite surf lessons, guided tours, cruises on the Douro or rent bicycles to explore the city.

Finally, note that the sea bathing Porto is also perfect for sailing. Boats can be rented at Douro Marina or Freixo Marina.

Since the 1970s

Hit the road and surf in Viana do Castelo and Caminha. The Arda beach or Afife , a surf destination in Viana since the 1970s, is one of the busiest surf places in the north of Portugal. It earned its reputation from the variety of waves fuelled by the wind and strong currents.

What you need to know

  • The restaurant Quarenta e4 is in rua Roberto Ivens, 44, 4450-246 Matosinhos
  • You can also enjoy canyoning in Cávado River, in Serra da Cabreira.
  • There are many equipment-rental companies in the region that also advise on safety, trails, routes and places where you can practice each sport
  • Learn more

Thanks to the sand bank formed by the Minho River, Moledo beach, in Caminha, also offers quality waves. This is why, alongside the wonderful landscape of Santa Tecla mountain range, in Spain, it is a preferred destination among Portuguese and foreign surfers. Watch out for the current that sometimes forms at the mouth of the river.

This beach is also excellent for windsurf.

Visit Melgaço, experience some of the local cuisine and Alvarinho wine and, back at your hotel, enjoy a shiatsu massage or a Sons do Vento signature massage.

A river adventure

Having restored your energy, explore Minho and experience the emotion and adrenaline of rafting down the white water of Minho River, navigable the whole year round.

Alternatively, you can enjoy canyoning in Serra de Arga, an area covering the councils of Viana do Castelo, Ponte de Lima, Vila Nova de Cerveira and Caminha. With lagoons and waterfalls of rare beauty, the Âncora River is perfect for beginners because it is of low difficulty. This will be an absolutely unique experience.

You will like

  • The diversity of waves found in the northern coastal area of Portugal
  • The gastronomy in Gerês

Plan your day so you can have lunch and spend part of the afternoon in the Vilarinho das Furnas reservoir, in the Peneda-Gerês National Park. Located in Campo do Gerês, in the council of Terras do Bouro, the river beach is the perfect place for those who enjoy the direct contact with nature and offers good conditions for canoeing.

In the Gerês area, be sure to taste the kid dish and barrosã beef, as well as the typical sweets such as Santa Eufémia pastries and the orange roll from Amares.

Go home with this thought: the experience we offer you is unique, but the north of Portugal has more water to explore. See you next time!

How to get there

There are flights from Bremen, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Karlsruhe, Munich, Dortmund, Zurich, Liverpool, London, Bordeaux, Carcassonne, Dole, La Rochelle, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Nantes, Paris, Rodez, St. Etienne Toulouse, Tours, Barcelona, Madrid, Palma de Mallorca, Valencia, Bologna, Milan, Pisa, Rome, Copenhagen, Brussels, Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and New York.

The best way to go from the International Airport Francisco Sá Carneiro to the city centre is to take the underground. The trip takes about 30 minutes

Be inspired

Choose your journey, find new places, have some fun and create memories for a lifetime.

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